Geräusche #8 w/ aporia::atopia + Aquarium & Demiurge + akustooptik

March 17, 2020
Filmrauschpalast Moabit

Doors: 19:00h
Start time: 19:30h
Entrance: 6–10 Euros

Filmrauschpalast Moabit
Lehrter Str. 35
10557 Berlin

aporia::atopia + Aquarium

aporia::atopia (aka APAT) is a Berlin based duo focussing on the production and improvisational live performance of electronic music, working in a broad spectrum of sounds—ranging from electroacoustic experiments, ambient music to beat driven techno.

As a collaborative platform, and approaching the production of electronic music as an out-of-studio live practice, aporia::atopia collaborates with different visual artists and musicians, and is involved in the organisation of several jam sessions and workshops, making an effort to open up the field of collective electronic improvisation, with an emphasis on the combination of modular synthesizers with more ‘traditional’ instruments.

Anna-Maria Van Reusel: modular synths, drum machines, vocals and looping

Dennis Slypen: electric guitar, modular synths and effect chains, contemporary classical guitar composition and performance


Kathrin Schreier (analog video synthesis) and
Andreas Stoiber (voltage controlled time patterns):

Sometimes you see the reflexion of a friends face in liquid waves of vivid red, green and blue lights. Then some pixelated fish, swimming through the picture, standing still, looking back at you. “Blub, blub”.

Demiurge + akustooptik (Project Audiovisual Control)

The project named “Audiovisual Control” consists of the improvised modular synthesizer sounds of Demiurge (Thomas Bäz) and the visuals of akustoOptik.

A project in which Thomas is playing his modular synthesizer and akustoOptik is creating visuals in a particular kind.
This needs to be explained in detail, because it’s the main focus of this project. After research how to connect both worlds in the most efficient way, he put the idea into action.

The key hardware is a device in the modular system which can send and receive triggers, gates, envelopes and LFO’s. So Thomas is connected with his system modulations to devices/parts in the visualisation software, which can be controlled via CV/MIDI. This is the essential condition for the controlling. Furthermore he wants to add Kinect in the future, which gives the performer even more control during the performance. More emotions in the form of movements can be added to the show. Therefore the audience can see visually how Thomas and akustoOptik are connected and controlled of one another.

About Demiurge:

Nothing stays longer than a patch…

The alias Demiurge was founded by Thomas Bäz in 2017 to cover all his projects done with his modular synthesizer in the experimental and art focussed way. Between glitchy noise and field recordings he found a way to combine his recordings from the outside world with his machine in an unusual artistic way. He is curating and playing the Klangscheiben Modular Sessions at venues like former Spektrum Berlin with artists from all over the world, which are improvised jam sessions.

About akustoOptik:

The akustoOptik VJ team consists of two versatile Berlin artists who actively design several works and projects. The main focus of your work is in the audiovisual area.

The art of visualization creates an atmosphere in which music and effects blend into an audio-visual cumulative act. In order to achieve this akustoOptik uses different elements of visual presentation.

About Music for Cinemas

Cinema as an audiovisual experience – Music For Cinemas (based on Brian Enos famous ambient work) transforms the canvas into a visual background for spacious sound explorations. Monthly, we’ll present three artists who are going to perform live featuring their own visual accompaniment.

Unfortunately, the Filmrauschpalast is not barrier-free. Please contact us if you need any assistance via

Das Kino als Ort für Klänge – In der Reihe Music For Cinemas (frei nach Brian Eno) tritt die Leinwand in den Hintergrund und macht Platz für raumfüllende Sound-Explorationen. Präsentiert werden monatlich je drei Künstler*innen, die ihre Live-Performance eigens für den Filmrausch mit Visualisierungen auf der Leinwand umsetzen.

Leider ist der Kinosaal nicht barrierefrei zu erreichen. Bitte kontaktiere uns, wenn du Unterstützung bei der Anreise benötigst, unter