The electronic act Monocube was founded in Odessa (UKR) and is active since 2008, currently based in Berlin and Odessa. Monocube is exploring the fields of electronic music using a wide range of analogue instruments combining various styles of electronic music, such as drone, industrial and experimental ambient. Since 2017 Monocube have been collaborating with the visual artist M. Kardinal in the APPARITIONS series of audio-visual performances at Spektrum (2017/2018, Berlin) and transmediale Vorspiel (2018, Berlin).

Monocube and M. Kardinal premiered the fourth part of APPARITIONS – an ongoing series of collaborative audio-visual performances. APPARITIONS IV. POST-CRISIS REMEMBRANCE is an audio-visual remembrance through post-crisis moments of urban landscapes and their sounds reflecting on contemporary crisis events such as disasters, and other critical incidents. These events may demolish people’s fundamental sense of safety and security, leaving them feeling jeopardized and vulnerable. These events often disrupt the worldview or profound beliefs people have about their lives and ethical order. People’s psychological notions can be annihilated and many people experience a crisis of meaning or purpose.

Monocube live with visuals by M. Kardinal